Style Refresh Membership

A monthly group coaching membership

to help you refresh and update your style.


Who This Is Really For...

  • You are ready to try something new and want to be excited to get dressed again

  • You want to learn how to put together new outfits using what you have

  • Looking pulled together is important to you but you struggle to find clothes that look stylish, feel amazing, and reflect your personal style.

  • You want quick and easy tips to feel stylish and put together

  • You are ready for style re-invention but are unsure how to start.

  • You would love to feel empowered and confident when you walk out the door

  • You would love lookboards showing easy outfits

You Are In The Right Place...

We are going to discover new topics every month to help you refresh your style.

The Turnkey Style Refresh Membership is a

monthly group coaching program.

There will be opportunities for ONE on ONE coaching during Q&A sessions as well as presentations each month about topics such as...


  • Capsule Wardrobes and How to Put One Together

  • Colors to Wear Instead of Black

  • Closet Edit and Organization Tips

  • Ideas to Dress for Your Shape

  • MORE!!!

Opportunities for ONE on ONE style coaching during

Q&A time every month

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Your Investment?


$97 a month

$485 for 6 month prepay

"Working with her has been so valuable and has had such a positive impact on my mindset about my wardrobe and my presence!"

Amy E.

"I can't say enough about the work Elisa does and the incredible impact she has in my life in a short amount of time."

Caren P.

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Only $97 monthly

$485 for 6 month prepay

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You should give the

Style Refresh Membership

a try if you are

motivated by any of the following:

  • You want support and motivation to create new outfits

  • You are overwhelmed and don't know where or how to start

  • You're excited to learn how to create new outfits and/or replace outdated outfits with timeless pieces that can be easily coordinated to wear for any occasion

  • You're ready to start feeling confident

  • You're tired of buying things that don't fit or work for your body type

  • You want to get out the door in five and have closet full of clothes you LOVE that fit the body you have now

  • You’ve been hiding behind oversized, shapeless, or all black clothing but you want more wardrobe variety so that you can feel confident

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the virtual group coaching presentation be?

    • Group coaching will be on the first Tuesday of the month at 1 pm (CT)/11 am (PST)/2 pm (EST)

  • When will the virtual Q & A Sessions be?

    • The virtual Q&A Sessions will be the second Tuesday of the month at 1 pm (CT)/11 am (PST)/2 pm (EST)

  • What if I can't make the virtual group coaching or Q&A sessions?

    • The virtual group coaching and Q&A sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the membership portal. You will have access to the recordings as long as you are a current member.

  • Can questions be submitted ahead of time for the Q&A sessions?

    • Yes. Questions can be submitted prior to the Q&A sessions each month. There will also be opportunities for one on one coaching.

  • Is this one on one coaching?

    • This is virtual group coaching and new topics will be presented and shared every month. There will be opportunities for one on one coaching during the Q&A sessions.

  • Can I join anytime?

    • The Turnkey Style Refresh Membership will only be open, at the $97/month rate for a limited time in 2023. Only twenty spots available.

  • When does the Turnkey Style Refresh Membership start?

    • January 2024

  • What if I am a size ___ (fill in the blank)? Will this work for me?

    • Yes. I have worked with clients from 0 - 3x. The tips and information presented will be for various sizes.

  • When will I be charged?

    • If you choose the monthly membership you will be charged on the first of every month, starting in January 2024, along with a $5 set up fee at the time of purchase. If you choose the prepay package you will be charged at the time of purchase.

I can’t wait for you to join the monthly

Style Refresh Membership!

I know what it feels like to have clothes that don't fit, to feel frumpy, and to stand in front of a closet full of clothes but have nothing to wear.

I have been everything from a size ten to an 18+ and I know the struggle of having multiple sizes in my closet and not knowing what to wear.

More than anything I want to share with you that you can look good, feel good and have confidence. It doesn't matter what size are on your clothes and it doesn't matter what the scale says...

Style is not a size.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside the virtual group coaching Stye Refresh Membership.

All my best,


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